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Our Auto typer software and Auto form filling software type your data or text automatically on any software and anywhere in offline mode. It is multi project supportable. Besides this, you can get here pause time per characters. You can limit the time of typing. You can choose how many words will be typed per minute. Even you can stop the typing and you can type later. If you think now you will type 20 lines and rest lines will be typed later, you can do this easily and you need not to save data. It is saved automatically. When you will type later, you need not to remember about the earlies typed lines because your data will be typed after the saved lines. If you have image but no data, in this case we provide service of auto form filling and auto typing. In case of form filling, we take your images and then we convert into CSV data. Next, we send those data to you for qc or checking. You have to check properly your data by seeing your images. Then we give our software for typing on your company’s software. If you want to convert into CSV form, this Auto form filling software is suitable for you. If you already have data, you can buy our software. Actually we do not sell any software. But who take our conversion service or job service, we provide those our software because we want they can give their 100% accuracy and finish their work as soon as possible. As a result they can gain and we also can gain. This is the main reason of developing our software or service. To sell software is not our main purpose. If you take job or conversion service from another company or type manually offline at home, in this case we do not provide our software on discount. Then you have to buy our software by giving full payment because in this case we will not be gainer. We give you software then we have to train our clients about our software and then we speak to our clients many times. So we have to give lots of time. So we can’t provide our all software on discount. We develop software for ourselves. Others developers do not develop software for this reason. If you say any developer to develop software for conversion, he or she just develops conversion software like herself or himself. But we do work manually and we have been working in this line for many years. As a result we solve many problems according to need of clients. This is our method of service.If you are beginners in this data entry job, please don’t think that our Auto typer software types automatically by seeing image. Then this is not the right place for you. Here you can see video tutorial. When you will take service from us or buy our Auto typer software or Auto form filling software, we will show you everything clearly on AnyDesk. You need to see demo of this type of software. So we did not give here any demo of Auto typer software and Auto form filling software. We just gave a video tutorial. There is no sound in our video tutorial for some technical problem. Beside this here is nothing to say special. Just our software will type data automatically. Hope you will understand all things after watching.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. I have a small firm of 10 staffs. How you can help me?

Ans: - You take our all services. Send us information about working hours of your firm, send us your images and company’s software. We are giving you guarantee that your 50%-90% man power cost will be saved and you will get 100% accuracy with proper time but you have to work step by step as we will say you.

2. I already converted my image into excel. Now I want to do qc. Is it possible?

Ans: - May be possible or not. For this we have to first check your project. After checking we will say you.

You think that if you buy an auto typer software and conversion software or after converting image into excel at cheap rate and auto typing, all will be done easily and you no need to do anything. You can get payment easily by this way. So you buy software at cheap rate or by seeing colorful advertisement. After converting image into excel you realize that first work properly then money. Earning is not easy. Then you come to us. Then you say, “I will give you fees and next why I will work again. Other service providers are doing all things by taking fees.” You understand gradually.

3. Does your auto typer software press randomly backspace?

Ans: - Yes. You can give many back spaces as you want.

4. I have US medical form filling project. Can I do qc on your qc software?

Ans: - Yes. Not only medical form you can do qc for various types of files.

5. My company said not to use any 3rd party software. So in this case will their latest technology understand about 3rd party software if I use?

Ans: - First of all which companies keep this type of term and condition, 99.99% they are fraud.

The main reason of keeping this term and condition is some people think that if they convert their images into excels and they do autotype, they will finish their work. But when they realize their fault, time is over. Then they have no time to do qc.

We want to tell you though you try for 10 years, by only manually typing you cannot get 1 rupee. If you follow our rules step by step as we will say and do hard work, you will get payment but obviously your company should be genuine. If your company is fraud, they said you use 3rd party software without giving you any proof.