Auto error correction service

Hello friends,

You know about our quality checking (qc) software. If you have not already seen our data entry qc software, please read details about our image to html qc software from here and then you can use it.

There are three steps in this type of data entry work. First step is, you convert your images into text, html, format. If your images are in simple font, the result will come with 99% to 100% accuracy. If your images are in cursive font, the result will come with 50% to 100% accuracy. This accuracy depends on the image and its font.

Now we are saying about typing. If you type manually instead of conversion, there will be also some mistakes. If you are very good at typing, even so mistake will be remain in the text and if you are new more mistakes will occur. The upshot is you have to do qc after conversion or typing. Minimum one time you have to do qc manually.
Now we will discuss the details about our auto error correction software for data entry projects. We provide auto error correction service. Before saying details, first we want to say this software or services is the best for those who type manually. If you convert your cursive font images, please you edit errors with our qc software of your file once. After editing you should take our auto error correction service. This service will correct the mistakes after editing. But you need to do qc finally after auto correction. If you type, you need not do qc first. You can use direct our service after typing.

Now you will know how to correct automatically. We have lots of data and data base in many different languages like English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu etc. our auto error correction will not only check spell error. For example – there is a sentence in your text ‘I have mare than one pen’. This sentence is incorrect. It should be ‘I have more than one pen’. Our software will replace the word ‘mare’ with the word ‘more’. Then if there is written in the text ‘a egg’, software will correct it with the phrase ‘an egg’. If our software would check only spell error, it did not replace the word ‘mare’ with ‘more’ because the word ‘mare’ itself a meaningful word and it also detect article mistake. So this auto error correction software will detect the errors by word analysis, sentence analysis and paragraph analysis. Means analysis will depend on the most used or searched words or sentences by most of the human beings. For example most of the people use I have more than, not mare. So our software will detect the right word should be ‘more’. This way by word analysis, sentence analysis and paragraph analysis our software calculate the right data and detect the error. Sometimes there can be occurred very few mistakes. So text is needed to check finally by manually.

You can see when you search something on Google, it shows an option ‘did you mean’ and there is written the right phrase. Our service is exactly like that. Our software corrects each word or line by auto analysis. But if your image contains wrong words for example your image contains ‘I have mare than one pen’, our software cannot do anything. Your company will say they need exactly what is present in the image. So you have to do qc finally.

Just in case you wrote an article for your company, you can check your article by our service. If you get images from company and you have to type, in this case you can use our auto error correction service and then you can do qc finally.

We hope now you can understand everything about our software like how to check your text our software automatically, when you should take our service etc.