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The main purpose of this article writing is to give information to beginners who recently started their work in data entry job like online form filling job or online typing job, online jobs with out invest, online jobs work form home  etc.  Because they think about some types of confusing questions and then they ask us these types of confusing questions. As a result our time is wasted and they also waste their valuable time. So through this article we want to make you understand about the function of our software and when this software is needed. Before saying details we want to say one thing clearly, don’t think to earn money without labor. Don’t think all work will be done by software such as Qc, typing, error highlighting, image to text conversion image to dxt conversion etc by one click and you will not do anything but earn money easily.

Think, you have taken a project from company and you have to submit this project on time with particular accuracy. In this case two types of options are available; one is typing and second is conversion. We provide pdf to word conversion service. But many people say, “We want 100% accuracy”.  We are saying again if you would get 100% accuracy by conversion, the company did this type of work themselves. If we will give you 100% accuracy, we can take project direct from company. Why will we speak to you? Have we created website without cause? If we would give 100 % accuracy, we did not spend time and money in creating website, domain and hosting and we did not need to develop data entry Qc software. So we hope now you can understand that conversion means there will be some or little mistake. Error will be remaining in both case means conversion and manually typing. So manually Qc is important in both case. Now you can ask us, “If I will do Qc manually, why will I buy or use your Qc software for project?” our data entry Qc software is needed after conversion or typing. We don’t want to argue with you on this question. In this case you will do what you like. If you want to save your time and want to give good accuracy to your company, you can buy our data entry Qc software. Otherwise you can do Qc manually. The image will be remained above and the text will be remained below. You will do Qc by seeing image. Anyway this is completely depends on you. The second software of us is image to dxt conversion and Auto form filling software. Beginners think that the function of this Auto image to text typing and Auto form filling software is to type automatically by seeing image. But the data or text has to be presented. Then this dev txt to company software  conversion service types your data or text. Here is no need of image. Now we will say when and why our dev txt to company software  conversion service and Auto form filling software are needed. When your company said you to type on their software by seeing some images then you will need our software. In this case if you type directly by seeing image, there may be occurred many errors. So you can type on our data entry Qc software or Microsoft word or any text file. Then you will do Qc well finally. Next, you will paste your text or data on software. But there is present no option for pasting on your company’s software. In this case you need our dev txt to company software  conversion service. Auto form filling is needed for same reason as Auto typer software. Only difference is there is present data in csv or excel. Every field of excel sheet will be row and there will be present column for every form. If you have image of your company, we will provide service of text or csv format. You need to do some works on this. You have to check the data properly. These all are the functions of Auto typer and Auto form filling software.

Now we will say what Automatic error correction service is. Read here. In this service we don’t see image. We take data or text. This Auto error correction service corrects the data depending on the structure of the sentence. So you can do auto typing, auto error correction, conversion etc but the most important software is our Qc software for data entry project. The function of this Qc software is you can check data manually in short time. It helps to highlight the error and it saves your time. But it does not highlight the errors completely. It highlights the most occurred errors and as a result it reduces most of the errors. Where you took time 15 minutes to 20 minutes to check one page, now you will need 5 minutes to 10 minutes to check one page. Now your 80% time will be reduced. When you did Qc manually, accuracy would come 50% to 60% because many errors would be overlooked by us. But in this Qc software, you will not face this problem. This is the main characteristic of our data entry Qc software. Hope now you have understood clearly when and why our four services or software is needed.

   Thank you.

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