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   Note: We convert different types of images (PNG, JPG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, GIF etc.) to any type of company notepad (Rt Notepad/ Notepad Rt++/ Notepad Rtx/ Notepad Rtx++ / TRT Notepad etc.). As a result now easily you will  get your files into different extensions like .wrt, .xtt, .dxt, .txt, .enc, .px, .ntc, .hub, .rtx etc.

Do you worry about image to DXT text project?  Is there no facility of copy-paste? Are various options disable on your image to DXT software to use other software?  Have you no enough time to type on OGS Notepad App? Do you want any software which can output data on your OGS Notepad App with good accuracy? Then you no need to worry. We are here to help you in all these situations.

When you will get DXT project from company, at once contact us. Send us your image file.  After sending images we will convert your images into DXT with our Dev image to DXT conversion software. This is our own developed image to DXT conversion software. If you want to see sample first, you can send sample on our Email address. After seeing sample if you are satisfied, give us rest images.

Many clients ask us, “Will company identify if I Use image to DXT conversion software?” I can surely say we all can understand conversion result as few errors occur in every page which usually cannot be seen in typing. But in case of typing you should check errors so time is needed. In case of image to DXT conversion you just need to check. You no need to give time for typing. If you edit errors after conversion, company will not understand about using image to DXT conversion software for OGS Notepad Application. So if you want to give 100% accuracy you should edit errors after image to DXT conversion. Our image to DXT conversion result comes good but few errors will be there. So need to check.

If you have good quality qc software for data entry project, you can check errors with that or you can check on your company’s Notepad App without using any image to text proof reading software. But it is better to use data entry quality checking software. If you want to use our qc software for data entry work then first we convert image into text with our good image to text conversion service. Then you will check text errors properly. Next you will send us your text files. Finally we will convert into on your company’s software with few minutes and send you. You need not to worry about data. No data will be changed while converting text into DXT. If many keyboard characters are disable on company’s OGS Notepad App during conversion into DXT. We will take action immediately and then complete conversion properly.

Stay with us. We are always here to guide and help you.

Frequently asked questions:-

1. Will company understand about using of image to DXT converter software?

Ans: - No. You have to edit errors after conversion.

2. Will you give good accuracy?

Ans: - Yes. But for 100% you should use proof reading software.

3. Copy-paste is not available.  Can your image to DXT converter software do conversion properly?

Ans: - Yes.  But first we have to see your company’s software.

4. How many days you need to complete a project?

Ans: - Within 24 hours we will give you. If there are pressures of many projects we will give you within 2 days.

5. I already typed on company’s Notepad Application. Can I do qc now?

Ans: - Yes. You can do on Our Data entry qc software.

6. Can I see a sample of Image to DXT conversion?

Ans: - Yes. You can send a sample on our mail address. We will send you the result. If you are satisfied, send rest project.


 For any query send message on our WhatsApp number or you can call us or send us Email. Our WhatsApp number is +91 6290507379. You can call at this number. Our email addresses are info@devservice.in and devqcinfo@gmail.com.



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