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Image to text conversion service plays an inevitable role in any job. Apart from this, conversion service is needed in educational project. So it is also helpful for students. So we can say image to text conversion service is an important outsourcing project which is required everywhere. There are many types of images such as PDF, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP etc. These types of images can be converted into text or word by our efficient data conversion team. Before conversion of image to text first we have to train every character. Then we convert in various forms. Our latest technology helps us to fulfill the different types of requirements of our valuable customers. We use latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and keyboarding or re-keying techniques. We try our best to provide you the best accuracy. After image to Notepad conversion, we provide output of conversion in various formats such as Microsoft access, Microsoft excel, Binary, HTML, Microsoft word, Database etc. Remember that we provide complete confidentiality. Your data will be safe in our hands as we follow proper security system.

Here you can get any type of conversion process at a reasonable price and we always try to provide the projects on time.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.1. Will your image to text conversion service give 100% accuracy?

Ans:-  Before answering I want to say one thing please first read about what is qc, auto checking qc, manually qc, auto typing and auto conversion. Hope you can understand everything after reading. Then you decide that should you ask us this type of question?

In case of simple font image, accuracy comes 99% - 100%.

Q.2. Can you say minimum accuracy percentage?

Ans:- From our previous experience we can say, in case of image to text conversion if your image is in simple font, accuracy will come 99.5% – 100%. Though 100% accuracy comes, you have to do qc once after conversion.  In this case accuracy does not matter.  Some images is in cursive font. There are two types of cursive font. One is complex cursive font in which confederate letters are seen. In this case normally accuracy comes 90% - 100%. Second is simple cursive font, in this case accuracy comes 95% - 100%. So qc is important. You can take our qc service for data entry project.

Q.3. I am working with a company and I have to type on my company’s software. Will your image to notepad conversion service work on my company’s software?

Ans:-  Yes. We will convert your imges into dxt. File with our Dev Image to DXT Software. 

Q.4. can you show me demo of 1 page for image to notepad conversion service?

Ans:-  Yes, We can. In case of different types of fonts we will show you maximum 5 images as sample. After seeing demo, if you are satisfied, you will take our conversion service. Hope you will not be cheated by us. 

Q.5. My Company said that don’t use any image to notepad conversion software. Company can easily understand if I use any conversion software by their latest technology. What will I do in this case?

Ans:- We say one thing in this case, we use latest technology for image to text conversion.  In this service there is present no hidden character, special character, encrypted data etc. So you don’t worry. Till now in our image to text conversion service no clients can say company understood about using conversion software. We are saying from our 7 to 8 years of experience. So you can trust us. If your company says, “you have used image to notepad conversion software. So we have rejected your project”, we will refund your money. But we want proof of rejection and your company has to explain about using this image to text converter software. You have to edit errors after conversion of image to text file.

Q.6. Will conversion errors be highlighted after image to text conversion service?

Ans:- Yes. We will give you highlighting service which is very helpful for you. Means if you give us your project for conversion or you give us your converted or typed files, we will highlight the 99% - 100% errors. After highlighting you can edit the errors manually easily but you have to use our Qc Software for data entry project. If you check again the text file after editing highlighting errors, it will be the best for you. By this you can give 100% accuracy. By using this error highlighting service you have to give now less time for per page.

Q.7. I took your conversion service and result is good of conversion. I want to take your image to text conversion software. Will you sell?

Ans: - Sorry to say we do not sell conversion software for data entry work. Actually we do not sell any software of data entry work except Qc software for gif, html and other files on our many beloved clients request. Keep in mind that you should not buy any conversion software from market. There are many types of software such as abc, icr, obc, ocr etc. and rates are average 5000, 10000 and 12000 rupees. These types of image to notepad software cannot read all types of images. If you do freelancing job, it is useless to buy this conversion software because in this conversion software, some trained fonts are already remained. This type of conversion software gives little bit good result but it is better to buy free online conversion tool.

For doing conversion, technical knowledge is required. So in this case if you buy conversion software you will lose as you will not get any technical support. You have to come at last conversion service provider like us or you have to go to owner of conversion software from where you will buy. Owner will charge 4000 or 5000 rupees again. Note that we provide non voice project service, for that we developed minimum 200 types of software for different types of data entry work but we do not sell. Software is set of instructions or programs which instruct computer to do some specific task so it is not good for freelancing work and specially buying of conversion software for life time.

Q.8. I am a student. I have some handwriting notes. I want to convert it into digital. I searched on internet and bought conversion software at 3000 rupees but conversion result was not good. Can you give good accuracy in handwriting image to text conversion?

Ans: - Yes. We can. You send your sample page and check the result of our handwriting image to text conversion service.

Q.9. I gave our images to someone for conversion. They took 2 rupees for image to text conversion service.  After conversion one page took time minimum 1 hour for error editing. Is your image to text conversion service same like this?

Ans: - You send a sample image and check the result. Then you can understand about our service. It is your fault not of the service provider because it is natural that 2 rupees conversion service result does not come well. There is an idiom “Something cheap becomes expensive”. It is known to all so you should not complain about this.

Q.10. I have many pages for conversion. If I give you for conversion, can I get your data entry qc software at free of cost?

Ans: - To get our data entry qc software at free of cost, you have to deal with us. Means how many pages you will give us monthly and with what price you have to deal before. If all is okay, we will give qc software for data entry project at free of cost. But first time we will not give you. First we will do business with you if you and we satisfied, then we will give you not only qc software, give you all types of software at free of cost. Even we will help you by giving you at cheap rate with giving our more man power. If you give us many pages for conversion and come to us first time we will give you 30% to 50% discount at qc software for data entry work.

Q.11. If I give you bulk of images for conversion, when will you give?

Ans: -  Within 1 hour we will try to give you.

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