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Qc Report Maker Software or service is not for the general users. It is for the company. If you normal user, try our Qc Software. This service is for those who do business and they have to give accuracy report to their clients. Means, if you operate a company and give job others then this Qc Report Maker Software is for you. This software helps to highlight the errors such as missing word, missing line, spelling mistake etc. But if you take job from company, you no need to use Qc Report Maker Software. For this service we take a little money per project. If you operate your own company and your clients give you file, in this case you have to check your client’s file and then you have to give us old file means client’s file and edited file of yours. Besides this, you have to give us a calculation in percentage (%) means, how many percentages will be cut for errors such as line missing, extra line, word missing, spelling missing etc. Then we will give you report for edited file in percentage. If you do this manually, you will need 2 to 3 days. But we will make report at very cheap price. If you want to check yourself, you can take our Qc Report Maker Software. Then you can check. There are many companies take our software and check themselves. If you don’t want to do anything such as qc, making report then we can do all. So, you have to pay for qc and report making.

Hope, you can understand everything.

This is a sample demo

filename line number word number error type wrong word correct word percent
UAE0d374332 5 3 word missing     1%
UAE0d374332 8 5 spell error hve have 0.50%
UAE0d374332 32 15 mismatch word hove have 0.50%
UAE0d374348 25   extra line     10%
UAE0d374367 5   line missing     10%
UAE0d374367 2   pucuation error more more, 0.50%
          TOTAL 23%

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Does generating report give 100% accuracy?

Ans: - Yes. It depends on checking quality.

  1. I don’t want to buy software. Will I get service from you?

Ans: - Yes you will get service from us.

  1. I have a company. I want you edit my text and give us report. What is the cost of per page?

Ans: - If you have a company, we will take per page 10 rupees. (Per page = average 1000 words).  You have to give us payment of minimum 50 pages. After checking 20 pages if your minimum accuracy percentage crosses, we will stop the checking at that time. But you have to give us payment of minimum 50 pages. Means you have to give us payment of extra 30 pages. Many people mistakes in this place. Who are freshers, not the job provide, want this service and ask us many questions. So if you are new, take our editing and qc service.

    4.  If I send you image file and text file, does your Qc Report Maker Software generate report automatically?

Ans: - No. It is a misconception of you. After imposing text file with image file properly, you have to edit errors. Then depending on your editing, report will be generated. Means report shows in which file in which line number you have corrected the mistake.  Depending on your editing, percentage will be generated. If you want to check again that edited file, you have to delete first text file from old text folder, then keep edited file in old text folder and again you can edit and generate report.

5. How can a company give us report automatically? 

Ans: - Company does not give you report automatically. They check and edit errors and then generate report on the basis of percentage.

6. My Company gave me accruacy report. I couldn't give minimum accuracy. I want to check my report is correct or not which given by Company. Can you give me report of those text files?

Ans: - No. 

Special Note: If you use our Qc report maker Software and get bug, don't worry. You just inform us, we are working regularly on our Qc report Software. We will try to solve the bug of our Qc report checking Software.


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