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Image to text proof reading software:


image to text proof reading software


Attention Please:

You all are requested to read this article thoroughly (Specially read Frequently Asked Questions).

Download our Qc software for data entry work

 After that watch all the video tutorial and read the tutorial about Qc Software which given with our software. You can watch the video also from this article. Then you can understand easily the basic things of our Qc Software. Then if you have any query about our Qc Software or you want to buy, send us message on our WhatsApp number or Email address.

Are you doing offline typing job like image to text, image to dxt, Microsoft word or pdf to Microsoft word document, html document etc.? Then we can definitely say you have come in right place. We provide these type of services. Before knowing about our qc software for data entry projects, first you all should know some secret information. Think you have taken a project of 250 pages and company said that complete this project within 18 or 15 days with good accuracy. Now you think, manually you have to type and then you must do qc with this limited time. Can you do all these yourself? If you can do it, then obviously you are a superman. If you are not a superman, you need our data entry qc software and image to text or word conversion service. In case of conversion you no need to type so you can save your time and give your time in checking. But good conversion service is needed for accuracy. If you convert online using any converter and result comes bad then you have to check text file many times. As a result you can lose patience in checking and cannot give good accuracy. So please convert your images from professional person. When you will do conversion, accuracy will come maximum 80% to 90%.  So for giving 100% accuracy, you need a good qc software for data entry gif  html and other files

On Our Data Entry Qc Software you can input html file, docx file and text file for doing qc. These files are supported on our Qc Software.

Here you see the details about image to text conversion software qc services image to notepad:

If anyone tells you that he or she will give you 100% accuracy by conversion, surely know that he or she is giving you false promises. Keep in mind that if you can get 100% accuracy by conversion, company would not give you 100 rupees for per page. Then Company’s employees can do it themselves. So we are telling you that if anyone tells you that their conversion software can give you 100% accuracy, it is totally wrong and you will lose your money.

Please don’t think that you will spend only 20 rupees for per page but you will not do anything. If you think this, please eliminate this type of idea.

Now we will say about our data entry qc software free download. If you check one page manually, you need time 10 minutes (maximum 15 minutes). It depends on the outcome of result of your typed page or converted page. If you do another work and you have less time for checking and typing, use our qc service. If you have enough time for this type of work, use our data entry qc software free download. We request you use the demo of our qc report software for data entry before buying our qc software for data entry projects. If you feel that our software rate is higher than any other company’s software after using the demo, then we will definitely say that use demo of others company’s software. Hope you will understand everything and compare the quality, service, timing of typing etc. You are requested to verify first before buying our Image to text proof reading software. We don’t want to cheat you. Identify the difference between our software and other company’s software. Use demo of image to text qc software free download and verify. please before using our demo qc software read our Frequently asked questions.

Advantages of our software:

Spelling Error
Character missing
Word Missing
Line missing
Extra Text
Extra Word
Extra Line
Double space
coma , Full stop mistakes
Special Characters Found / Not Found
Other data’s Found
and etc.


You can read

qc services for data entry project

Image to text conversion service

 Before using our demo of Qc Software, read our Frequently asked questions.

This software runs only windows operating system.  So please download demo of software and see carefully.  For our all software, internet connection is needed. If your internet connection is blocked please allow the connection before installing our software. Then data input and out put is done easily. Then you can easily check, type or edit on our software. Note that image file name and text file name should be same. 

Note that after buying our software, we will not refund money because there are many problems in case of refunding. So before buying our software read all details , see video tutorial and use demo carefully.



How to install Hindi tutorial

Standard version Hindi tutorial

Old version English tutorial


:Frequently asked questions:

1. Does your Qc Software highlight the errors?

Ans: - Yes. We will give you highlighting service which is very helpful for you. Means if you give us your project for conversion or you give us your converted or typed files, we will highlight the 99% - 100% errors. After highlighting you can edit the errors manually easily but you have to use our Qc Software. If you check again the text file after editing highlighting errors, it will be the best for you. By this you can give 100% accuracy. By using this service you have to give now less time for per page.

2. How much time is needed for checking 1 file with your Qc Software?

Ans: - It depends on the containing of total words in your image file and containing of errors in your text file. But average time is needed 10 minutes to check 1 image.

3. Can I get 100% accuracy if I check file in your Qc Software?

Ans: - Yes.

4. Can we check .dxt file with your software?

Ans: - Yes. You can do.

5. Is your software Microsoft Word supported?

Ans: - Yes. You can check docx file on our Qc Software. But if you already format the word document before checking like text align, font size etc., you have to reformat again after doing qc on our image to text Qc Software because there is difference between Microsoft Word software and our Devqc software. Both have different functions. So all our clients first do qc then format all things. Our image to text proof reading software helps in basic formatting but you have to do rest main format on Microsoft Word. You no need to worry. We will guide you.

Keep in mind that ending of image line and word line should be the same. If in your word file has no extra line, line missing, word missing, extra word then you no need to adjust image line with word line. Because it happens automatically on our software.

6. I think your software cost is little high. I got Qc Software from others at low price. Why is it very high cost?

Ans: - Where you will get at low price, you can buy from there. If you buy Qc Software at cheap rate without seeing demo, we cannot say anything in this case. When you will realize that you have done mistake to buy Qc Software without seeing demo then you can come to us. Above all we have kept the software cost within a budget by keeping in mind the demand of all customers such as we thought about unemployed client and also those clients who take projects from company. So we are requesting you don’t buy fake software by clicking the ‘buy now’ button, seeing fake video or fake positive comments on video. So is it not better to examine the Qc Software with our YouTube video and then buying the Software? Now if you want to buy Qc Software at cheap rate from others, you can buy. But if you do in this type of work regularly, you have to come to us later for buying our Qc Software after realization your mistake. So we are saying again to our new clients please be aware of fake video or fake positive comments on video.

7. Can I see demo with our own image and text? If I can’t see with our own image and text, how will I understand my image is supported or not on your Qc software?

Ans: - On our Qc Software all types of images and texts will be supported. So for being sure you have 2 options. 1st is you download our qc software and check yourself and watch demo video or you can read our article about our data entry super imposing qc software. Main options are given on article in detail. If you read thoroughly and watch video, you can understand easily. Another option is If you want to use our software with your own image and text files, you can buy our Qc Software for 1 month as a trial by paying 700 rupees. You can do qc of unlimited pages. By using 1 month you can understand well. We will show you through AnyDesk how to operate our image to text proof reading Software. You are taking job by paying registration fees 2000 to 5000 rupees but you don’t want to take software by paying 700 rupees. Where wrote you need not to do anything, all will be done by software and you will get 25000 rupees. You go everywhere. We are saying now and we will tell you tomorrow you come to us at the end after seeing everywhere. Then you can realize about our service and importance of our Qc Software for data entry project. First you buy conversion software by paying 2000 to 5000 rupees. Then after conversion you can see your conversion all is wrong. Then you again go to the person. He or she says you need a Qc Software. You buy also that Qc Software by paying 5000 rupees. But later you realize everything has been gone. You loss your register fees, software price etc. Then your dream is broken. Because you were dreaming that you would be rich by doing nothing. All persons do wrong by going to fake company. If you have time in your hand, please visit our site and read all the articles. Hope you will understand somewhat about how to do this work and achieve success. Especially read the article about detect fake company. It will be helpful for you. We are saying this as a well wisher of you because everyday many jobless people are coming to us and waste their money. The reason is one they are searching shortcut way for being rich. Besides these we are saying this to newcomers because our time is wasted by replying many fake questions. Who want to do hard work and don’t want to be rich in a shortcut way, we always try to help them and we feel happy to work and sell our software with them.

Many clients buy our software by understand nothing. But in this way they cannot profit. We will take payment but if you buy software by thinking wrong and don’t use, it is very distressful matter to us.

Main thing is you all newcomers think to gain 20000 to 25000 rupees by spending 15000 rupees. Many people give software life time at 2000, 5000 rupees and they say by using their software all will get 100%, 99% accuracy. Many people also buy from them. Freshers are thinking all gain then why not us.  We are saying those newcomers if you buy software from them or from us, you will not achieve success. We can also give you positive comment. But we have come here to do business. We want good client who understand the right way. If success can be achieved in a shortcut way, all can gain 30000 to 40000 rupees by spending 10000 to 15000 rupees. Then all would not need to find Government job and there no one would be jobless in India. When you can understand this easy theory, you will surely develop.

8) I saw the demo of your Qc Software but I am confused about which version of Software is suitable for me. So please suggest me with budget.

Ans: - It depends on your mode of work and remaining of errors in your text file.

If you want to type your data manually, you take the Standard edition. You can type on our software and after typing you will check once. When you will type on our software then automatically some works of doing qc is already done. There occur few mistakes during typing. So you no need to take Professional edition or Enterprise edition by paying more.

If your image is in simple font and you do conversion with good conversion software or take good conversion service, accuracy result will be good (Per page 95% - 98% accuracy). So in this case you can take Standard edition and it will be good if you check text 2 times.

If your image is in cursive font and you do conversion or take good conversion service, in this case per 1000 words contains average 30 mistakes. So for this it will be the best to take Professional edition. For this type of project, minimum 3 persons should check a page 3 times. You will never achieve success if you check your files only on Notepad or Microsoft Word. You need a good Qc Software.

If conversion result comes very bad or per line contains average 3 mistakes, you should take our Enterprise Special Member Edition. If you don’t want to take this edition and you want to take Standard Edition, first send us your files. We will do first qc. You will be benefitted. If you send us files for doing qc or checking a page 3 times means whatever you do you have to do all process on our Qc Software for data entry project. Many people do here fatal mistake. So they cannot achieve success. They send us files for first time checking. After that they check 2 times on simple Note pad or Microsoft Word. This should not be done.

Though our software is one system supported, we provide discount on Qc Software for multiple system and we keep the price of software within budget.

9) I have already typed on my company’s software. Now can I do qc on your Qc Software?

Ans: - Yes. But it is better if you contact us before typing on company's software. Because if you already typed on company's software, we have to change it into text format. Then you have to do qc. After your final checking we have to change it into on your company's software. 

10) Is your Qc Software safe for checking? Will Company cancel my project after using your Software?

Ans: - Yes. Our Qc Software is 100 % safe for doing qc. There is no chance of cancelling your  project for using our Data Entry Qc Software. After conversion or typing you can check text files on our Qc Software safely. But after doing qc on our software if you use another software which is unknown to us, we cannot give you guarantee about cancellation of your project.

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