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100% accuracy on conversion and qc service

Hope you know that there is no software which can give 100% accuracy. So to get 100% accuracy you have to check page manually which is called qc. For this you can use Qc Software.  As a result you can check a page in less time with the best accuracy. But the rule of qc is checking should be done again and again till you cannot find a mistake in a page. So you have to give some times for qc. Out of necessity a page should be checked 4 times according to remaining of errors in a text file. If you have no time for this, you can take our 100% accuracy service for doing paper book to digital format.

Terms and conditions:

  1. To take our 100% accuracy service, you have to send us your paper book or scanned image. If you send us paper book, you have to give us extra scanning and indexing charge. If you send us images, image’s resolution should be good. We will not work on your converted file. We will do everything ourselves. We will convert files then do qc manually otherwise we will type manually. Means we will do what we will think. If you give us typed file, we can give you 100% acuuracy. 
  2.  Our service is only 100% accuracy of text. We will not do any format on Microsoft Word.
  3. If text file contains uncertain character which cannot be understood by us, we will send query report in excel sheet. After that you have to inform us what the character will be. If in your text file space cannot be understood clearly for your image font, we will say you that we cannot understand. 
  4. If in your image file remains many space confusions, we will not take any responsibility of space error. In this case you have to check finally for space problem otherwise you have to give us proper instruction about space before starting qc of your project. Apart from this you have to send us instructions of single or double quotation and different types of dashes if it cannot be understood clearly.
  5. Before consulting know the price. Minimum budget is 50 rupees to 100 rupees per page. For 100% accuracy per page rate may vary depending on your image and text file. Contact us if you can pay.
  6. You have to allow us 1 mistake per 10 page but it depends on remaining of words in your image or text file.
  7. If you are doing job in any company and trying to do outsourcing by us, then you are doing wrong. For this you can take our simple editing and qc service because you cannot afford this budget of 100% accuracy service.
  8.  You have to pay before.
  9. Before taking order of full project, we will show you demo of minimum 10 pages. We will take charge of demo.  After that we will inform you that we will do or not qc of your files.
  10.  We will send you files after completing each 500 pages.
  11. When you willl give us oder, please give us before. Because to do qc time is needed. Don't say we need within 2 days. Tell us the proper date of submission. It will be helpful for you.

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