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Image to text html qc service:

Before reading this article, know about our qc software. Hope you read about software earlier. Now your problem is you have no enough time but your text file contains many errors. Don’t worry. Use our data entry qc service. Our service will give you 99.5% accuracy. Now you can ask me a question, “why not 100%?” First you give an answer of our question. If we give 100% accuracy, you will take 100 rupees for per page from company and you will give us 30 rupees for per page. Are you thinking this? Then you can find in another place. This is not the right place for you. Now we will give you the answer of our question. Our job is to give you image to text 100% accuracy.  But there can be occurred 1 or 2 mistakes per page so we tell you 99.5% accuracy, because we don’t want to hear any complaint from you. For example- you give us money for project but many times company doesn’t give you money for that project because of errors. Then you will tell us you lost your money. So keep in mind that it is also a manually process with technology. So it is normal if there are present 1 or 2 mistakes. Anyway now we will tell you about process.

First we find common mistakes and then we edit those mistakes in your text file or word file with our software by the advanced editor facility. Then we check grammatically in Google whether the sentence is correct or not. After that we check carefully and manually each word of each sentence by imposing image with text. We check non-dictionary words two times. Here our work is almost done. Now your work will be started. We will give you our qc software for checking your file after our checking because maximum there can be occurred 1 or 2 mistakes per page. So you have to check finally. In this way you can give 100% accuracy to your company. Before giving us live project, you can first give us 10 pages as a demo. But please don’t want to see the demo free of cost as we have to check manually with the help of our software. So any of our staffs doesn’t want to do it free of cost. For this reason you have to pay for all sample pages. If any staff can’t give you 99.5% accuracy of any page, money will be refunded for that page.

You should know one thing that the job of our qc department is to give you the best accuracy but you have to give last finishing.

If you want 100% accuracy, you should type manually because in case of manually typing accuracy comes best. If you give us converted pages and want 100% accuracy, we will do but conversion result should be good and you have to give us time and some terms and conditions will be applied in case of 100%.


Our Manually Qc Service

Types Of Error Accuracy Parameter (Per Page) Money Refund Or Recheck Policy Editing
Line Missing 100% Recheck No
Extra Line 100% Recheck Yes
Extra Text 100% Recheck  Yes
Extra Word 100% Recheck  Yes
Word Missing 100% Recheck Yes
Space Missing 100% Recheck  Yes
Extra Space 100% Recheck  Yes
Special Characters Found / Not Found 100% Recheck  Yes

Other data Found

100% Recheck Yes
Remove Non-Keyboard Characters 100% Recheck  Yes
Add Fix Punctuation 100% Recheck  Yes
Spelling Error (Dictionary Base) 99.5 - 100% No Recheck Yes
Comma, Full Stop, Semicolon, Colon 99 - 100% No Recheck Yes
Spelling Error (Non-Dictionary Base) 99 - 100% No  Recheck Yes

Recheck policy will be applicable according to your text file result and our terms and conditions.

If you give us project for doing qc, we will send you checked files on daily basis. After sending you have to give us report about checking file if our work is not up to the mark. Then we can give pressure to our staff to work better. If you give us multi projects, we will send you after completing one project. After that you have to give us report within 3 to 4 days. After completing 10 projects if you think our work is not good, you can give your project to other.

One thing again we are reminding you our work is editing. Means if your text contains many errors we will edit by trying our best. But in case of qc 3 times checking is the best. So semi final and final checking have to be done by you. We will edit most of the errors. We check a text once very well. If we overlook few erros, your responsibility to recheck text. If your company is genuine and you recheck after our checking, surely you will get your payment. For rechecking, you can take our qc software for data entry project. Often we give Qc software at free of cost or we give at 30% discount. It depends on quantity of project.

If you want 100% accuracy and don't want to recheck the text, we will first check your text file, then analyse and then say you about deal. if you give us whole project for conversion and qc, same thing will be applicable here. First we analyse and then deal with you.

Frequently asked questions:

1. If we will cross check after giving you our file for qc, why will we give you file for qc?

Ans: - We are not saying you to give us your file for doing qc. First thing what I want to say you that if you give us good rate for doing qc, obviously we will give you 100% accuracy. Keep in mind that our qc process is done manually with technology process. It was said before and saying you again. If you do qc using Notepad only, it will take time 40 minutes for one page but if we do qc, we will take average time 10 minutes for one page with the help of our data entry qc software. If you type manually, in this case you need not to give us file for doing qc. Because there will be maximum 5 to 7 mistakes in one page. So you can do qc yourself by spending 30 minutes for one page. If your page is converted and it is in cursive font, many errors occur in one page. Then you have to spend a lot of time to do qc. In this case editing takes more time than typing. So you give us these files for doing qc. We are not saying give us file for conversion. You can give us files after conversion. But we provide some offers if you give us your file for conversion.  I suppose you have taken a project of 250 files. Then you have to do type, qc, html tagging etc. within 15 days. After completing your work you will get average 50 rupees for per page. But you have to give hard labor for one page. I suppose you will give us a project of 250 files. Then we will do conversion and qc of 250 files. May be we cannot give 100% accuracy, 1 or 2 mistakes can occur on the basis of per page. We will take average 15 to 25 rupees for per page for doing conversion and qc. It depends on image. You will gain 25 rupees from per page. In this case we are doing 95% work for you by taking 25 rupees for per page. Your work is just cross checking of our work. For cross checking you just need 7 to 8 minutes for per file. We also take project from company and we do first conversion then do qc two times by different persons. By this process we can give 100% accuracy to our company. It is helpful for cross checking. So it is normal to do cross check for everyone who takes project from company. If you don’t want to do anything, you have to pay 40 to 50 rupees for per page. So if you want to give 100% accuracy, you have to do cross checking. If you give us your full project, we will give you our Image to text proof reading Software. Then you can do cross checking easily. You will cross check 2 times and then you can give 100% accuracy easily. If it takes 15 to 20 minutes for per page, you can do qc of 3 pages in an hour. If you want to do manually all things, you cannot give 100% accuracy. So you need our help.

2. I have a company. I have 5 to 6 staffs. If I give you 25 rupees for per page, I will be lost because I have to give payment to our staffs. What can I do?

Ans: - If the project is yours, give us. It is not the place of outsourcing.  Suppose you take 50 rupees from someone for per page. Then you will give us that project and there after send back to him. All can do this. We can say why will I give labor for you? We can take project direct from company and we will get average 50 rupees for per page. So in this case you can give us 10 rupees for per page. We will give you our Qc Software for data entry project. Then you will do qc manually. If you have company, you no need to give us project for qc. You can give us project for conversion. We will do conversion for you. We will give you our data entry Qc Software at discount.  We will discuss about this. We can give you software as per you need means staff basis. So you can contact us for this. We can help you and discuss this matter properly.

3. We have a company. We give work to our clients. We have to give report. What will we do?

Ans: - We give report. To get this service you have to buy Enterprise edition of our Qc Software.

4. All is okay but we need 100% accuracy. Can you give this accuracy?

Ans: - If you need 100% accuracy, you have to give us good rate.  please take our  100% accuracy on conversion and qc service.

Note that there are many images in which we cannot understand properly which the capital letter I (i) is or which is small letter l (L). Besides these we cannot understand comma, full stop which are over involved with letter. We cannot decide which should be simple ‘e’ or Latin character ‘e’? So it is not possible to call or send message again and again between work hours. In this case we will do qc which we will think. For this reason also we tell you for cross checking. You have to decide which letter should be there. If you give us pages for simple qc, we will give you 99 to 100% accuracy for per file. 1 or 2 mistakes can occur but this can happen by chance otherwise we will give 100% accuracy for per page. So we are saying you, if you have a personal project, give us otherwise you need not to give.

5. We have doc file. Can qc is possible for doc file?

Ans: - Yes. Qc is possible.

6. I have dxt file. Can you do qc for dxt file?

 Ans: - Yes. We can do.

7. Can I do qc of unlimited pages with your software?

Ans: - Yes. You can do qc of unlimited pages. But keep in mind that it is not an automatically process. With the help of our qc software you have to do manually.

8. We have no enough time. If I give you a project of 250 files, can you do qc within 2 days?

Ans: - No. when you will give us a project for doing qc, give us minimum 4 to 5 days. It will be helpful for you. If we do quickly, result can come with average accuracy. Then you will blame us. So when you will give us file, give us time properly for doing qc. Don’t worry. We will send you checked files everyday. Then you can cross check files easily.


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