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We have been doing business since 2011. We believe in hardworking with intelligence; a shortcut process is not the way of achieving success. First we started our online business through a blog and we had very few members. Then we developed our own website named www.devservice.in. Then we worked with many companies. We provide data entry services. Apart from this we developed and sell our Data entry Qc Software. Now we are working with many members all over world. Now ‘Dev Data Entry Service’ is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified Company.  Our company is situated in West Bengal, India.


We provide home based jobs with an easy way.  You no need to contact with Company. There is no worry and no risk. Just do your job properly and get payment. We help you to get work from home jobs. We give report of work and make payment on time as our clients get interest in work and do job happily.

Our main aim is to provide job and support. We want our beloved clients come to us and do job properly and get payment.

Our objective is to provide job by investing little money or without investment as they can get payment and we can work together and achieve success.

We keep always healthy and friendly relationship with our clients as it creates good environment of work. We want to be the effective solution of your problem. Hope one day you will be the owner of your Company.  So always stay with us and work from anywhere with a smile.







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Dev Data Entry Service


WhatsApp No. or Contact No.:- +91  6290507379

Email Address:- devqcinfo@gmail.com



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