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Google ad posting jobs

Online ad posting job is like offline ad. But the difference is when you give ad for any product or service offline, you have to pay for that e.g. TV, newspaper etc. The advantages of online ad post are you have to pay for only workers and you can do it as a part time job. You will get money according to your ad post quantity. This is very easy work. Student, house wife, retired person any one can do this Google ad post job.

You can do Google ad posting jobs as part time or full time as you want.

What is the actual work of Google ad posting job

 Google Ad posting job is simple work. You have to promote any Company’s product or service on free classified sites such as OLX or Quickr. No need to type. Company will give you ad matter and you just post that matter on classified site according to company’s terms and conditions. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to post an ad. You can earn 20 rupees also per ad posting on the basis of Company.

Why will Company pay you for Google ad posting work?

Now every Company wants to sell their product or service more. Now you have to choose right Company. You have to check the income of that Company and the Company will pay your salary or not. You have to know the details about product and service of the Company. Means what type of product or service is provided by Company. If Company pay 20 rupees per ad post, surely Company’s income should be 50 rupees. So you have to realize the income source of that Company.

There are many sites that have no product or service. Their main aim is to join people and post ad. They will take registration fee and from that registration fee they will give you salary. Means if people do not join, you will not get salary. So it means it is not genuine job, totally fraud job. In other words, you will meet some fraud people and they will do this fraud job by you. So before joining any Company, verify the product or service of that Company. Check all the details on their site is given clearly or not and read all the terms and conditions because different types of Companies have different ads content according to their business. Many classified sites are rejected and in this case payment is zero.

Why will you join Dev data entry service for Google ad posting jobs?

First check our services. Hope you will understand. If you cannot believe that we are genuine, read the details given below.

We are not telling you that we are the India’s no. 1 Company, we have 25000 workers and if you join with us you will income 30000 per month.

Google ad posting jobs very easy job. We do not take workers by saying these irrelevant comments. We want genuine people who work properly. We tell all the things clearly. If you read our articles, you can easily understand that. Our Company is ISO 2009-2015 certified Company. You can check our documents also. Now read the benefits to work with our Company.

  1. If you work with us by giving 2 times registration fees, from 3rd time you can work without registration fees for life time. To know why we are taking 2 times registration fees, please read this article.
  2. If you have other experience in data entry work like good typing or proof reading, we will give you other job by paying high amount.
  3. To post ad quickly, we will provide you form filling software.
  4. You will get the advantages of unlimited affiliate earning. Namely if you want to resell product or service, you can do that on the basis of our terms and conditions.
  5. Keep in mind that when you will join with us, we will regard you as our office staff.
  6. If you work with us, really you can earn 15-30 thousands per month. But you will not get immediately after joining. To earn you have to work hard and give time. Hope if you work with us continuous 1 year, we can give you good salary. If you are completely new in this job, wish you can increase your income gradually.

Then why are you late? Hurry up. Join now and start earning. Click here to choose your desired plan. You are requested to read all the details about job before registration specially read Frequently Asked Questions and terms and conditions of our every job.

Read here detail about online ad posting terms and conditions.

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