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How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

Before informing you about how to start affiliate marketing, we will tell you what affiliate marketing is briefly. If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, we are making you understand by giving short example. Suppose your friend has a big potato godown and you contact your friend to do a small business as you are unemployed and you have no ability to invest more money.

Your friend gives you idea that you sell my potatoes and from that I give you 50% commission. So in this case you will get 50% profit without investment. As a result your friend’s sell and profit have been increased. This is the example.

But affiliate marketing is slightly different. Affiliate marketing is to promote any online product, service, eBook etc.

You can promote our service through different ways like classified ad post, YouTube video comment, social media share (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) etc.  But keep in mind that those sites should be relevant. We will tell you later about relevant site. Now why will you choose Dev data services? Because you can join Dev data services without registration fee. We have different types of services and software and all are genuine. Even anyone sign up on our Email news letter through your affiliate link, you will get 1 rupee per sign up. It is easy calculation. Suppose you share 100 affiliate links in different groups in Facebook. Now from your link 500 visitors come and sign up 50 persons, you will get 50 rupees. Means per month you will get 1500 rupees and any service or software is sold of 50000 rupees from your link you will get 5000 rupees according to 10% commission. So you can earn 6000 rupees per month by giving 1 hour daily on Facebook only. If you give daily 5 to 6 hours and work properly, hope you can earn 20000 rupees per month. So why are you late? Hurry up! Contact us now on our WhatsApp number.

Terms and conditions for joining our affiliate programme:-

  1. To join our affiliate programme you no need to pay registration fee but you must have genuine Facebook id and minimum 500 friends have to be present. After verifying your Facebook id, we will give you affiliate id. Then you can start your work.
  2.  Monthly minimum 500 Email news letter sign up are required. It is very easy. If daily 20 visitors come from 20 groups, everyday 400 and per month 12000 traffics will come easily and among these surely average 500 visitors sign up. You will need 30 minutes to share the link in 20 groups. If we do not get minimum traffic in 10 days, your id will be terminated.
  3. If you share link on any violent site such as adult, drug sell etc., immediately your id will be terminated.
  4. If you cannot earn consecutively 2 months, your id will be terminated.


How to start affiliate marketing for beginners FAQ:-


  1. Why 500 friends are needed in Facebook for joining?

Ans: - We said you earlier and telling you now again we want genuine worker. If you don’t have 500 friends, how you will income. So if you have no enough friends your time will be wasted and ours also.

  1. We have 30 friends but we have a blog. We get 3000 visitors monthly in our blog. Can I do affiliate job?

Ans: - Yes. Send your blog link. After verifying your account will be activated.

  1. How can I get my payment?

Ans: - We will give you payment through Paytm or transfer into your bank account within 1 to 10 days every month. Minimum payment is 1000 rupees. If your earning is below 1000 rupees, affiliate earning will be forwarded next month.

  1. I want franchise from your Company? Can you give?

Ans: - For getting franchise contact us on WhatsApp number with a valid Company proof.

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