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Data editing job means Image to text proof reading job. The main advantage of this job is you no need to type still you can earn huge amount per month. Nowadays proof reading job is in demand. ‘Dev data entry service’ provides easy proof reading job.

Actually this job is to type on the simple Notepad or Microsoft word by seeing the image. After taking this type of job, we output the text with our different software packages. Then we edit the text by using our advanced editing software. Accuracy comes 80% to 95%. Your work is to get 100% from that 80% to 95%. Just you have to edit. No need to type. You will edit the text with our Qc Software and as a result you can get 100% accuracy. Keep in mind that no conversion, no typing, just editing. So you have to be careful about 100% accuracy.

Terms and conditions of Proof reading job

  1. You have to check daily 20 thousand words with 100% accuracy.
  2. We said earlier for taking this job we have to deposit money. So you have to give us that money.
  3. Before giving live project, we will show you demo work. As a sample there will be 20 thousand words. For this you have to pay 500 rupees as a service charge.
  4. After demo work if you can give 100% accuracy, you can take this job.
  5. Before taking live project you must deposit security fee. The amount of money cannot be told before. It will be taken on the basis of company’s work.
  6.  We have to give some money to company as a security fee. You have to pay double money as a security fee than company’s security fee because we have to join in this work. We don’t want to waste our time for your mistake.
  7. If you cannot give 100% accuracy, we cannot give you payment and keep in mind that we will not refund your security fee.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Proof Reading Job: -

    What is the amount of project fee and for how many days it is valid?

Ans: - Project fee is average 5 to 10 thousand rupees according to page. We will take project fee according to project quality.

    1. Is project available always?

Ans: - If no problem occurs, you can get project always. But before giving registration fee, contact us.

    1. Can I use 3rd party software?

Ans: - We will give you our Image to text proof reading Software. For this you no need to by any 3rd party software.

If you want to check file on simple Notepad, you can do that. We just want accuracy. If you feel that you have better Qc Software than us, you can buy that. We have no problem. But if we get any software error, we will cancel your project.

    1.  You provide proof reading software. Is special highlight service free?

Ans: - No. If you take proof reading job from us, we will give you only our Qc Software for data entry project not special highlight service at free of cost. If you want to take special highlight service, you have to pay.

    1. Is registration fee refundable?

Ans: - When you can give target accuracy 2 times, registration fee will be refundable otherwise we will refund our money.

    1. After how many days will we get qc report and payment?

Ans: - Within 7 to 15 days, you will get qc report. After getting report within 7 days you will get payment. Sometimes you can get payment late due to special reason. So keep patience.

    1. After how many days will we get qc report and payment?

    Ans: - Within 24 hours you will get project. Sometimes it takes 48 hours to 72 hours.

  1. Can I do part time job?

Ans: - Many companies provide part time job but we do not provide data editing and typing job as part time. If you want to do part time job then you can do this work with your 3 or 4 friends. It will be easy for you.

  1. If I do this work with our 3 friends, will I get Proof reading Software for all systems?

Ans: - No. We will give you for only one computer. Then if you need for multiple systems, you have to pay.

  1. How much money can I earn?

Ans: - We cannot tell you about your earning. For proof reading job we pay 20 to 40 rupees per page on the basis of word or character number of image. How much you earn depends on your performance.








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