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Image to text typing job terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for plan-A

  1. You have to type on our Company’s Software only.
  2. Typing speed should be minimum 60 wpm for image to text typing job.
  3. You can work from home but before doing this you have to give typing test through AnyDesk app or you can come to our office.
  4. Consecutively 2 times registration fees should be given.
  5. You have to give qc report of previous Company where you worked.
  6. You have to take Qc Software and special highlight service from us minimum 3 times.
  7. We will make payment for per page target accuracy.
  8. Registration fee is not refundable for image to text typing job .
  9. Plan-A is for only Indian clients.


Terms and conditions for plan-B


  1. Your data will not be verified by us. We will send directly to the Company.  So all risk is yours.
  2. Good typing speed is needed for image to text typing job .
  3.  You can use multiple systems.
  4. If you use any 3rd party software and company can understand for that we will not be responsible. Company will not give you any report if they find any software error.
  5. If you use our proof reading software and type manually then any software error comes, we will take responsibility for this.
  6. The amount of registration fee is uncertain for image to text typing job . It depends on the type of project.
  7. When you can give target accuracy 4 times and want to work with us later then your registration fee will be refundable.  After that if you cannot give accuracy again, you have to pay registration fee.
  8. Accuracy will be calculated per project basis.
  9. We will deduct 1% -3% from your earning for image to text typing job .
  10. If you register once, you will get 3 to 6 projects for image to text typing job .





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