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Offline data entry jobs frequently asked questions


We already mentioned that what the offline data entry jobs is and for whom this job is appropriate. So if you did not read the article about work from home offline data entry jobs, please read offline data entry jobs article first. We are telling you repeatedly read the article thoroughly then contact us if you have any query. We have given below the frequently asked questions.

  1. I have come here for doing job. Why will I give you registration fee? Why will you not take the registration fee from my income?

Ans: - Firstly we think you are new or you read on blog or forum that who take registration fee for offline data entry jobs, they are fraud. So you can search there without registration free job. If none told you about free data entry job, we suggest you to visit many freelance sites like odesk, guru, freelancer etc. Our maximum project comes from these. You can bid continue, if you are enough lucky you can get 2 to 3 projects per year. Check yourself how much time you have to give. Different companies take registration free for different reasons. Our main objectives of taking registration fee are-

  • We will be sure that as you are taking project from us by paying huge amount of registration fees means you will give proper time for this offline data entry jobs and work honestly. If you cannot maintain accuracy and time, you will lose registration fees. So to avoid this loss, you will work well automatically.
  • From where we will take project, we have to give upfront them because no one knows us and no one does not know about our work. Even who provide us project, they also have to give upfront or registration fee. As we do not know about your work quality, we will not waste our time and money for you.
  • Have you ever thought that if we do not take registration fee, all unemployed people of India will come to us? Where Government cannot eradicate unemployment problem, how we can solve this problem overnight. How we can maintain all people in a day. So registration fee is must.
  1. Okay understood the reason of taking registration fee. What is the amount of registration fee? What is the validity of registration fee?

Ans: - there is no proper registration fee. We will take registration fee according to project. The minimum registration fee is 5000 rupees and maximum is 25000 rupees.

We provide 2 types of offline data entry jobs. Typing jobs plan A and plan B. In plan-A, you have to type only on our software which has accuracy parameter per page means you are allowed to do 2 to 10 mistakes depending on the word or character number of every page. Then we will do qc on your typed text and finally we will give this type of project to our clients or the Company from where we take this project. Means in case of typing job plan-A, only good typing speed is needed. You will get money of those pages where you will do minimum mistakes because you are no taking risk of qc. The rate is low of this page. Though rate is low, risk is low also for fresher. In case of typing jobs plan-B, we will not verify your data. We will send your file directly to the Company. In this case all risk is yours. Register fee and risk is high because you can do average 10 to 30 mistakes on 200 to 300 files. It is difficult for one person to do this type of project. If you take plan-B, we will deduct 1% to 3% from your earning.

  1. Is registration fee refundable?

Ans: - We already said the reason of taking registration fee. When you can give target accuracy then registration fees will be refundable. If you give us consecutively 4 times target accuracy and want to work with us later, we will not take any upfront. Then again if you cannot give accuracy, you have to pay registration fee. If you work with us 1 year successfully, we will make you our company’s permanent member. Then you can do any work of our Company from home. But it depends on the decision of our admin.

  1. My typing speed is 30 to 40 wpm. Can I do typing job plan-A?

Ans: - No. To join on plan-A, you need minimum 60 to 70 wpm typing speed. We said you before and telling you now again we will verify something more to join plan-A. For example- your work experience with any Company, that is fraud or genuine and have you taken qc software or special highlight service from us etc. You gave good accuracy but company gave you wrong qc report or told you that you used 3rd party software or showed you another issues. So our Plan-A is for those persons who faced these types of problems. This plan is not available for all.

  1. Okay. I want to join on plan-B. What will I do?

Ans: - you can join on plan-B. Repeatedly we are requesting you to think well before joining. Can you give proper time for this work? Do you have good typing speed? Who have no idea about this work, do not waste your time and money by thinking it is easy work. It can affect on our good will.

  1. Okay. I have understood that it is hard work. I will do with our 3 to 4 friends. Now can I do? Does it not allow multi systems?

Ans: - We want accuracy with correct time. You use 1000 computers. We have no problem.

  1. Can I use 3rd party software?

Ans: - We will not verify project on plan-B. Which you will send that will be sent to Company. Company will reject your project if they can understand you have used any 3rd party software. So do not use any software where is present any footprint or come any error for that. So if you use any software, you will be responsible for that. Company will not give any report if they find any software error.

We said from our experience. So now choice is yours. Main thing is to give accuracy good typing software and proof reading software both are needed. It is impossible to maintain time and accuracy manually. So you can take our manual typing software plus qc software plus special highlight service to get accuracy. Who have taken this package, they achieved success 99.9%. But do not take any conversion service or software. Even not from us. Because there are some mistakes which can be easily overlooked during qc and in this case time is needed for qc. Conversion error can be understood by all easily and the most important thing is if the project can be completed by conversion then we would not outsource the project.

If you think that you have better Qc Software than us, use that Qc Software. We know very well what type of Qc Software you have. So at your own risk you use other proof reading software.

If you use our data entry Qc Software and type manually and any software error comes then we will take all the responsibilities.

If you convert your file, check clearly the file. No conversion error should be present in your file. If they find 3 to 4 errors, we or any Company can understand that you used conversion software. So please do not use any type of conversion service or conversion software.

  1. What is the amount of Plan-B registration fee? What is the rate of per page?

Ans: - The rate is uncertain. If per page contains average 5000 characters, register free will be average 5000 rupees. This type of page rate is 50 to 70 rupees. If per page contains average 10000 characters, register fee will be average 15 to 20 thousand. This type of page rate is 100 to 150 rupees. It depends on the type of project.

  1. When will we get project after giving registration fee

Ans: - Contact us to know project is available or not before giving registration fee. After giving registration fee, you will get project within 2 to 3 days. Sometimes it takes 7 days. If we cannot give you project after 7 days, we will refund your money within 3 days.

  1. When will we get qc report after submission of project?

Ans: - Within 7 or 15 days you will get qc report.

  1. When will we get payment after receiving qc report?

Ans: - You will get payment within 7 or 15 days. Note that sometimes it takes 1 month to 2 months due to special reasons.

  1. I am confused about one thing. Your all the terms and conditions are difficult than other Company such as registration fee is high, qc report, payment and project come late. Why are your terms and conditions different?

Ans: - Good question. We always keep project according to our efficiency. If we give you project from us and you work well, we have to pay you and also our staffs. Other companies give you project because they know very well that you cannot do. So they want to you work at free of cost as much as possible and they gain the registration fee from you. By chance if you give accuracy by working well they will give you wrong qc report or tell that you have used 3rd party Software. So it is written on all sites that you no need of experience, just type 2 to 3 hours and earn lots of money. So among 1000, 999 people are trapped by these ads. Who have the ability to understand that how many hours have to be given to work on genuine project, they will come to us surely.

2nd thing is other company gives you report within 3 days because they have one client or you have taken fraud project. Qc is manually process. It takes time. One page is verified 3 to 4 times then report is generated. So it means they have already soft copy so they can give report within 3 days. So that is totally fraud project.

3rd is we pay late.  Did you get payment from any Company or just question us by seeing terms and conditions of other companies? If any genuine Company pay you within 2 to 3 days, they give you from their own fund but when we will get payment then we will pay you. We do not make payment from our own fund. If we will get payment late then we will give you late. You are requested to stay away from those types of sites where is written quick payment with 2 to 3 days. It will be good for you. These types of projects come by 2 to 5 chain systems. Any original publisher does not give directly to small Company and they do not provide any work from home. They provide projects to companies like ours. So now think how you can get payment within 2 to 3 days. First we will get then we can give you. Hope you can understand. Be sure that if you work properly, you will get payment.

  1. Can you tell me the difference between plan-A and plan-B? I could not understand.

Ans: -



Plan-A is not available for all. It is for those who worked before in any Company, took Qc Software or special highlight service from us and typing speed should be minimum 60 wpm. All depends on our decision. If we feel that you are eligible for this job, we will provide you.

Plan-B is available for all. We will not verify anything. After paying project fee you will get your project.

If you work well, in future we can add you to our Company as a staff member.

No chance to become a staff member of our Company.

Accuracy will be calculated per page basis.

Accuracy will be calculated per project basis.

There is no pressure of qc.

You have to do qc very well and as a result you can give the best accuracy.

Per page earning is 20 to 50 INR. It depends on image quality and characters.

Per page earning is 50 to 150 INR. It depends on image quality and characters.

You no need to pay service charge.

You have to pay 1% -3% service charges according to your income.

You have to register as a new user after completion of every project. If we like your work then you no need to register every time.

If you register one time, you will get 3 to 6 projects.

It is for only Indian clients.

It is available for all country.

Always project is not available.

Always project is available.





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