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Online copy paste job Frequently Asked Questions


There are different types of online copy paste job like blog comment, forum comment or online survey etc. But the most popular is online copy paste job for online ad posting job or Google ad posting job. It means posting company ad matter on free classified sites and earn few or a lot of money per ad. It depends on how much time you will give for ad posting. More you give time more you earn. If you give average 2 hours, you can earn minimum 3 to 4 thousand rupees extra per month. If you take this job as full time, you can earn at least 15000 per month. More you will be experienced more you can increase income. To gain experience is very important for any job. Dev data entry service provide home based online copy paste work. The main work of our online copy paste job is to post ad on free classified sites. Many people ask us many questions often according to our terms and conditions. So now we are trying to give answer clearly of frequently asked questions.

  1. What is the copy paste job actually? Why will Company pay us for this simple copy paste job which they can do easily?

Ans: - We already said you what is the copy paste job and the type of this job. What we give that is ad posting on online free classified sites. It is copy paste job but it does not mean you copy from Notepad and paste on word document. You must have free classified sites and you have to ad our product or service. We will give you ad matter but you have to post ad. Our staffs do this work also. If we give more ads, more visitors will come on our site. If 1000 visitors come on our site, 1 visitor will take service from us. Think we have 2000 sites list and you have 1000 sites list then our ad is published on 3000 sites and as a result our one service is sold extra. So we are taking people for this copy paste job.

  1. We have no classified site list. Then how can I do this job?

Ans: - We tell all the things clearly about our service and job by thinking about new users. For telling openly all, so many persons can feel bad. Please note that any genuine Company do not pay high for easy work. If any Company tell that you no need to do anything, they will give you classified site list and ad matter, you will just copy paste and earn 10 rupees per ad in 2 minutes then their terms and conditions will be if you join anyone, you will get commission. In other words they give you top 30 Indian classified sites list, now you will post ad and give ph no. Then if anyone is interested, you have to receive the call. As a result if you can make him paid registered, you will get payment. We have no any fraud system like this. If you have 1000 top classified sites and you take job from us of 10 rupees package then your income is 10000 per month. For this you no need to refer someone. Apart from this if anyone join to our site for ad posting job, you will be given affiliate link for which you no need to pay registration fee. Namely, join once, you will get benefits of 2 different types of jobs. In this case you no need to receive call. If you do not know what the affiliate job is, please see our affiliate job. If you did not do copy paste job before, it is normal that you have no list. When you are interested in copy paste job then surely you have idea about Google, Yahoo, Bing different types of search engines. Besides this, if you search ‘free classified site list’, you will see every blog has 100, 200, 300, 500 sites. We think that in first month after doing other work you have posted ad on 200 sites according to our terms and conditions. In next month you collect 200 new sites and you have already old 200 sites. In this way, you can collect almost 600 sites. Then 50 sites will be omitted. Now you are thinking why 50 sites will be omitted. There are many reasons of omitting of 50 sites. One reason is who made classified site, are not gaining profit. So providing free service is not possible. Now we tell about us, if we cannot earn from our site then why we will run this site. So if are completely new, you take our starter plan of copy paste job. If you did job in other Company, you take our gold or diamond plan.

  1. We come here to do job then why will I pay registration fee before doing job?

Ans: - You asked us good question. You told correct from your side. Now we will tell you about this.  Have you ever thought many people are searching part time job, work from home job in India like you? Then many people will come to us for job. Think at least 1000 people will come to us per day. In this case we have to need staffs to maintain their data base such as number of ad post, income etc.

 Are you feeling a headache? That is one point. If we take 1000 people without registration fee some time after they can tell this is bad job, we will not do and we want to be rich overnight.  Then what will I do? But if you take our job by paying registration fee, surely you have thought 10 times about our Company that it is genuine or not, can I do the work, how can I do this and you did not dream to be rich overnight. So you can do the work and we need this type of person. We said before and telling you again we need eligible person. If you work properly 2 times by paying registration fee, we will not take registration fee from you next time because we are sure that you are eligible for this work. Then if you don’t work with our Company, we will call you and request you for working without registration fees and give you extra 2 rupees per ad. Then anyone pays more than us, people will want to go there. These are the reasons of taking registration fee. We don’t want to waste our time on those types of people. If you want to do only free job, you can take our affiliate job. But for doing affiliate job, you must have minimum efficiency. If you have that efficiency, we can give you affiliate job at free of cost. We will not take any registration fee.

  1. I have seen that many people wrote on forum or blog who take registration fee, they are fraud. Is it right?

Ans: - We have also seen forum but they told that most of the jobs are fraud not all. They have told right. We used to find part time job earlier, we gave registration fee and we were cheated but all are not same. Many companies paid us and later called us to do job at free of cost. But we did not go because later we started our own business. We learned by cheating. We kept our patience. We started our own business after 15 years by hardworking and gaining experience and knowledge. We did not come here in one day. We can come here for many genuine companies but we will not mention their name here. We regard them as our teacher but they are our competitors now. Anyway who told you all are fraud. You go to them and say you want free job. Hope they will give you.

  1. How can I understand your Company is genuine? Is your Company registered proof? Do you have ISO certificate? Do you have any payment proof?

Ans: - We are government recognized Company. Please click here to see our all documents. We think it is not useful to show payment proof because we can easily make 1000 payment proof within 5 minutes. So if you want to join any Company by seeing payment proof, search on Internet. You can see many payment proofs of 20000, 50000 rupees. Many other things you can see like no need of experience and after joining you will get job instantly. So you can go there and join. When you really want to work with us then come here. Hope then you will not want payment proof from us. You can understand what we have told.

  1. I am very happy that you told everything clearly. There are no any sites where all have been described clearly. All keep their terms and conditions hidden. I want to join but I have one question. I have seen that on internet many classified sites are being sold. 30 thousand to 1 Lac classified sites list are being sold at 1000 to 2000 rupees. Is it good to buy those site lists?

Ans: - No. They all are totally fraud sites. They all are same design, low traffic, zero traffic or they are not classified sites. You will waste your money and time if you buy. At last you can see at least 10 are not approved among 100 sites. No genuine copy paste job provider will approve these types of sites. Now choice is yours. If you think many sites will be matched according to our terms and conditions, you can buy at your own risk.

  1. How and when can I get salary?

Ans: -   We will make you payment within 1 to 10 days in every month through Paytm or bank account. If you have no Paytm account, create an account.

  1. Can I use auto ad post software?

Ans: - It is better not to use that type of software. We have no problem. We will just examine all the sites are okay or not.  After all if any auto ad posts software posts 1000 ads per day, we can develop that type of software and post ad on 1 Lac sites per day. So it is good not to buy this type of fraud software by seeing fraud ad. This type of software is posted on wrong site. You can use form filling software. Then you no need to copy paste again and again. So select classified sites manually.

  1. Why have you kept ad post on limited site not unlimited sites?

Ans: - Because we will verify first those sites where you have posted ad. Means those are quality sites or not. Note that if we give you 5 rupees per ad, our aim will be we can get 6 rupees per ad. When you work quality will be good then surely we will tell you to post ad on more good sites. We are telling you repeatedly every ad will be verified manually. So be careful.

  1. You can deduct my registration fee from my salary. Why will I pay before?

Ans: - Please don’t ask us this type of question. We said in detail on our site. Please check.

  1. I am a student. I am very poor. Can I join without registration fee?

Ans: - We are doing business. We said the reason of taking registration fee clearly. So don’t request us.