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Are you searching home base data entry jobs? Are you new freelancer? Then you come in averagely right place. Now you think why averagely and is ‘Dev data entry service’ not good site for providing data entry jobs? No friends, ‘Dev data entry service’ is the appropriate place but the problem is one if you are new and you have many misconceptions about work from home data entry jobs. So first we clear those misconceptions. Then you will be sure whether you have come in right place or not. First you tell us what you know about data entry job. Did you work with any Company earlier? May be you worked but you did not get payment or you took offline data entry job by giving registration fee and seeing good advertisement. For example no need of experience, just you need to read English, we give you 50, 100, 200 etc. number of pages and you have to give us typed pages within 7, 15, 20 days respectively and you give 80% accuracy, you will earn 5, 10, 20 thousand rupees respectively. But you did not think that if it was so easy to earn money, there would be no unemployed. One family can do data entry work from home and family would earn 1 Lac monthly. Means then why many people are doing work of security guard at 7000 or 8000 rupees. So reality is different. If you think you want to be rich overnight, it is not right place for you. If you want to earn 5 to 15 thousand by giving 10 hours, we must say you have come in right place.

In our work from home data entry jobs we provide mainly eBook typing jobs and sometimes form filling jobs because form filling project comes rare. There are many types of data entry jobs. But we provide JPG, PDF, GIF etc. any type of image to simple Notepad or on Company Software typing project.

If you search home base offline typing jobs on Google or any search engine, you can see many sites list. Among them Deb data service you can see or not but all companies have 99% same terms and conditions. For example- you no need of experience, only 20 wpm typing speed is needed, daily work 2 to 3 hours from home and earn 10 thousand per month. They wrote a minimum accuracy percentage and do not use any 3rd party software in their terms and conditions. So you can easily understand to read this how a person can earn per month 10 thousand by spending daily 2 to 3 hours without any experience. If you have no intelligence, you take this job by giving registration fee. Then after typing 2 pages you can understand you cannot do this. After that you will take service from data entry service provider like us or you will take free conversion service by watching YouTube video where told you no need to type, you take our  conversion service. Next you need to buy a qc software for data entry work. Then you will visit a professional site where given a colourful picture of software like book or you can watch YouTube video where showing all are highlighting automatically. You buy quickly. Then you can understand no one is fraud but you because your intention is to earn without working. Honestly, we did not provide any job and now we do not provide job. But 1 client among 1000 come to us and take our service and qc software for data entry jobs. Besides this, they work as we tell them and give time 10 to 15 hours daily for data entry jobs. But they do a mistake by choosing a fraud company because when you will do work properly and give accuracy then fraud company will provide you wrong report otherwise tell that you use any 3rd party software. Anyway what we call eBook typing job, if it is home base data entry work, then it is not actual job. This is actually project based, time and accuracy maintained work. Seen from above, it may seem like just typing. Friends, anyone practices typing for 3 months, his or her typing speed will be 30 to 40 wpm easily.  But to learn only typing, work from home data entry job cannot be done. So qc is very important for this. Qc is done well in manual typing because mistakes is observed easily in manually typed text file. You can get 99 to 100% accuracy easily after doing qc. If you do conversion then typing cost will be decreased and qc cost will be increased. After that the chance of overlooking of mistakes is high.

You want project from us or may not want, as you come on our site we can give you project or may not because we provide project after proper clarification. Note that before taking project from any Company, know clearly about 3rd party software.

To take project from us or before contacting, read thoroughly Frequently Asked Questions and Terms And Conditions of our work from home data entry job. If we have project, surely we will give you. We are not a big Company, so all the time many projects may not remain.

So you are requested to read thoroughly Frequently Asked Questions and Terms And Conditions of our data entry work from home.


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