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Ad post job terms and conditions

If you did not read about ‘what is Google ad post job, please read that article. Then you can understand why ‘Dev data entry service’ is one of the best for ad post job. Hope you have read that and choose us or you are thinking that you will work with us or you take any ad posting job plan from us.

We have some terms and conditions like every ad posting job giver’s genuine company’s terms and conditions. So before joining with us, read all terms and conditions thoroughly. We have no huge terms and conditions.

  1. We will pay per ad posting on a valid free classified site. To post ad on other site like forum, blog will not be accepted.
  2. If any user posts an ad on below sites, at once user’s account will be cancelled.

Here is other type of content, which is not allowed for Google:

  •  Porn, adult material
  • Violent content
  • Racial content
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
  • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition
  • Distribution of course work. e.g. Student Essays

These are just examples. There could be many more. So, you should avoid these types of sites.

  1. You can post one ad once a month.
  2. Low traffic (greater than Alexa rank 200000) or zero traffic sites are not allowed for online ad posting.
  3. You are allowed to post one ad once a month on same design or same script site.
  4. We blocked some sites depending on text content of url. Possibly those are same design or same script sites. For example we blocked ‘ads’ keyword because this keyword is present as ad view link in many same design sites. If you post ad on same design sites manually or with the help of any 3rd party software, in this case we cannot collect this type of data in our data base. So we cannot give you permission for online ad posting on these types of sites. We verify every ad manually. So be careful when you will choose classified sites.

Below blocking matching contents are given. If any same design or same script classified site is observed by us, it will be updated.

  1. We will not provide you classified site list. On Google, Yahoo and different blogs contain many classified sites, so you can easily find those sites for ad posting.

If you are new, we can give you almost 200 sites because to join in any job as a fresher, little bit problem can be faced.

The most important thing is we do not only accept Indian classified sites, we accept world’s classified sites also. So there are many classified sites in our world.


Now many questions may come to your mind such as why I cannot post ad on these types of sites for ad post job, what is zero traffic, what is same design or same script site, if I post ad what is your problem etc. So you can contact us over the phone or WhatsApp us or visit the below link and read thoroughly. Hope you can understand.

Please read online copy paste jobs Frequently Asked Questions.






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