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There are 3 packages of Google ad posting job. You will get these packages at an affordable price.

First package is for 3 months. This is trial package. For this package you have to pay 750 rupees only. It is available always. You can post daily 50 ads. For this trial package we will pay you 3 rupees per ad posting. First time if you want to take another package, we cannot give you. First we will check your capability in this ad post job then we will provide you basic package.


Our second package of online copy paste job is Basic. Basic package is for 6 months. For this package you have to pay 3250 rupees. It is available always. In this package you can post daily 50 ads. We will pay you 5 rupees per ad post. If you can achieve success in trial package, you can buy this package.


Our last and third package of ad post jobs is Basic. Name is same but registration fee, validity and entry rate are different from second package. This package is for 12 months. For 12 months you have to pay 9250 rupees. It is also available always. In this package you can post 50 ads daily. You will be given 8 rupees per ad post. After taking trial package you can directly take this package instead of second package.

We have another facility and that is online ad posting job without registration fee. Means you can get ad posting job without investment and registration fees. You can do as part time ad posting jobs without registration fee. To get this free ad posting job without registration fees you have to follow some terms and conditions which are given below-

  1. You should have original Facebook ID.
  2. There should be minimum 500 friends in your Facebook account.
  3. You have to like our Facebook page.
  4. We can tag you our posted content.
  5. You have to share our content with your friends.


These are very simple terms and conditions of our ad posting job online without registration fee. So you no need to worry. We are always with you.


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